Program faust agents used to list agents.

class faust.cli.agents.agents(ctx: click.core.Context, *args: Any, key_serializer: Union[faust.types.codecs.CodecT, str, None] = None, value_serializer: Union[faust.types.codecs.CodecT, str, None] = None, **kwargs: Any) → None[source]

List agents.

title = 'Agents'
headers = ['name', 'topic', 'help']
sortkey = operator.attrgetter('name')
options = [option('--local/--no-local', help='Include agents using a local channel')]
async run(local: bool) → None[source]

Dump list of available agents in this application.

Return type


agents(*, local: bool = False) → Sequence[faust.types.agents.AgentT][source]

Convert list of agents to terminal table rows.

Return type


agent_to_row(agent: faust.types.agents.AgentT) → Sequence[str][source]

Convert agent fields to terminal table row.

Return type