This document contain change notes for bugfix releases in the Faust 1.9 series. If you’re looking for previous releases, please visit the History section.



2019-10-29 2:35 A.M PST


Ask Solem (@ask)

  • Requirements

  • Stream: group_by no longer repeats prefix in autogenerated repartition topic name.

    This change is backwards incompatible as the name of repartition topics will change.

  • Consumer: Fixed livelock offset not advancing message (Issue #450).

    Contributed by Dhruva Patil (@DhruvaPatil98).

  • Consumer: Fixed Out of Memory error when gaps in topic offsets are very large.

    Fix contributed by Vikram Patki (@patkivikram).

  • Table: Windowed tables now supports an on_window_close callback that is called whenever a window expires (Issue #446).

    For an example see examples/ in the Faust source distribution.

    Contributed by Leandro Vonwerra (@lvwerra).

  • Table: Fixed issue with worker startup crash when global tables are used.

  • Web: Views now support the SEARCH HTTP method (Issue #460).

    Contributed by Ignacio Peluffo (@ipeluffo).

  • Table: Global table changes are now instantly reflected on other nodes (Issue #451).

    The default standby_buffer_size setting for tables was set to 1000 also for global tables, which means changes will only be seen in batches of thousands. We now set this to 1 for global tables, so changes are applied immediately as they arrive.

  • Opentracing: Trace category now includes application name.

    This means that where before the categories were _aiokafka and _faust these are now {app_name}-_aiokafka and {app_name}-_faust.

  • Opentracing: Traces for aiokafka Kafka rebalances are now consolidated so traces for the same generation are grouped together.

    This change also adds a lot more context for spans in the rebalancing trace.

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