Change history for Faust 1.6

This document contain change notes for bugfix releases in the Faust 1.6.x series. If you’re looking for changes in the latest series, please visit the latest Changes.

For even older releases you can visit the History section.



2019-05-07 2:00 P.M PST


Ask Solem (@ask)

  • Web: Fixes index page of web server by adding collections.deque support to our JSON serializer.

    Thanks to Brandon Ewing for detecting this issue.



2019-04-16 5:41 P.M PST


Ask Solem (@ask)

This release has minor backward incompatible changes. that only affects those who are using custom sensors. See note below.

  • Requirements:

    • Now depends on robinhood-aiokafka 1.0.3

      This version disables the “LeaveGroup” timeout added in 1.0.0, as it was causing problems.

  • Sensors: on_stream_event_in now passes state to on_stream_event_out.

    This is backwards incompatible but fixes a rare race condition.

    Custom sensors that have to use stream_meta must be updated to use this state.

  • Sensors: Added new sensor methods:

    • on_rebalance_start(app)

      Called when a new rebalance is starting.

    • on_rebalance_return(app)

      Called when the worker has returned data to Kafka.

      The next step of the rebalancing phase will be the table recovery process, but this happens in the background and rebalancing will be considered complete for this worker.

    • on_rebalance_end(app)

      Called when all tables are fully recovered and the worker is ready to start processing events in the stream.

  • Sensors: The type of a sensor that returns/takes state is now Dict instead of a Mapping (as the state is mutable).

  • Monitor: Optimized latency history cleanup.

  • Recovery: Fixed bug with highwater returning None.

  • Tracing: The traced decorator would return None for wrapped coroutines, but we now return the actual return value.

  • Tracing: Added tracing of aiokafka group coordinator processes

    (rebalancing and find coordinator).