Change history for Faust 1.3

This document contain change notes for bugfix releases in the Faust 1.3.x series. If you’re looking for changes in the latest series, please visit the latest Changes.

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2018-11-19 1:11 P.M PST


Ask Solem (@ask)

  • Requirements

  • Fixed crash in perform_seek when worker was not assigned any partitions.

  • Fixed missing await in Consumer.wait_empty.

  • Fixed hang after rebalance when not using tables.



2018-11-15 4:12 P.M PST


Ask Solem (@ask)

  • Tables: Fixed problem with table recovery hanging on changelog topics having only a single entry.



2018-11-08 4:49 P.M PST


Ask Solem (@ask)

  • Requirements

    • Now depends on Mode 2.0.3.

    • Now depends on robinhood-aiokafka 1.4.19

  • App: Refactored rebalancing and table recovery (Issue #185).

    This optimizes the rebalancing callbacks for greater stability.

    Table recovery was completely rewritten to do as little as possible during actual rebalance. This should increase stability and reduce the chance of rebalancing loops.

    We no longer attempt to cancel recovery during rebalance, so this should also fix problems with hanging during recovery.

  • App: Adds new stream_recovery_delay setting.

    In this version we are experimenting with sleeping for 10.0 seconds after rebalance, to allow for more nodes to join/leave before resuming the streams.

    This adds some startup delay, but is in general unnoticeable in production.

  • Windowing: Fixed several edge cases in windowed tables.

    Fix contributed by Omar Rayward (@omarrayward).

  • App: Skip table recovery on rebalance when no tables defined.

  • RocksDB: Iterating over table keys/items/values now skips standby partitions.

  • RocksDB: Fixed issue with having “.” in table names (Issue #184).

  • App: Allow broker URL setting without scheme.

    The default scheme for an URL like “localhost:9092” is kafka://.

  • App: Adds App.on_rebalance_complete signal.

  • App: Adds App.on_before_shutdown signal.

  • Misc: Support for Python 3.8 by importing from

  • Misc: Got rid of aiohttp deprecation warnings.

  • Documentation and examples: Improvements contributed by: