Source code for faust.utils.terminal.tables

"""Using :pypi:`terminaltables` to draw ANSI tables."""
import sys

from operator import itemgetter
from typing import (

from mode.utils import logging
from mode.utils import text
from mode.utils.compat import isatty

from terminaltables import AsciiTable, SingleTable
from terminaltables.base_table import BaseTable as Table

__all__ = ['Table', 'TableDataT', 'table', 'logtable']

TableDataT = Sequence[Sequence[str]]

[docs]def table(data: TableDataT, *, title: str, target: IO = None, tty: bool = None, **kwargs: Any) -> Table: """Create suitable :pypi:`terminaltables` table for target. Arguments: data (Sequence[Sequence[str]]): Table data. target (IO): Target should be the destination output file for your table, and defaults to :data:`sys.stdout`. ANSI codes will be used if the target has a controlling terminal, but not otherwise, which is why it's important to pass the correct output file. """ if target is None: target = sys.stdout if tty is None: tty = isatty(target) if tty is None: tty = False return _get_best_table_type(tty)(data, title=title, **kwargs)
[docs]def logtable(data: TableDataT, *, title: str, target: IO = None, tty: bool = None, headers: Sequence[str] = None, **kwargs: Any) -> str: """Prepare table for logging. Will use ANSI escape codes if the log file is a tty. """ if tty is None: tty = logging.LOG_ISATTY if headers: data = [headers] + list(data) return table(data, title=title, target=target, tty=tty, **kwargs).table
def _get_best_table_type(tty: bool) -> Type[Table]: return SingleTable if tty else AsciiTable def dict_as_ansitable(d: Mapping, *, key: str = 'Key', value: str = 'Value', sort: bool = False, sortkey: Callable[[Any], Any] = itemgetter(0), target: IO = sys.stdout, title: str = None) -> str: header = [text.title(key), text.title(value)] data = cast(Iterable[List[str]], d.items()) data = list(sorted(data, key=sortkey)) if sort else list(data) if sort: data = list(sorted(data, key=sortkey)) return table( [header] + list(data), title=text.title(title) if title is not None else '', target=target, ).table