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"""LiveCheck - Faust Application."""
import asyncio

from datetime import timedelta
from typing import (

from mode.utils.compat import want_bytes
from mode.utils.objects import annotations, cached_property, qualname
from mode.utils.times import Seconds

import faust
from faust.sensors.base import Sensor
from faust.types import AgentT, AppT, EventT, StreamT, TP, TopicT
from faust.utils import venusian

from . import patches
from .case import Case
from .exceptions import LiveCheckError
from .locals import current_test, current_test_stack
from .models import SignalEvent, TestExecution, TestReport
from .signals import BaseSignal, Signal

__all__ = ['LiveCheck']


#: alias for mypy bug
_Case = Case

patches.patch_all()  # XXX

class LiveCheckSensor(Sensor):

    def on_stream_event_in(self,
                           tp: TP,
                           offset: int,
                           stream: StreamT,
                           event: EventT) -> Optional[Dict]:
        """Call when stream starts processing event."""
        test = TestExecution.from_headers(event.headers)
        if test is not None:
            stream.current_test = test
        return None

    def on_stream_event_out(self,
                            tp: TP,
                            offset: int,
                            stream: StreamT,
                            event: EventT,
                            state: Dict = None) -> None:
        """Call when stream is finished handling event."""
        has_active_test = getattr(stream, 'current_test', None)
        if has_active_test:
            stream.current_test = None

[docs]class LiveCheck(faust.App): """LiveCheck application.""" SCAN_CATEGORIES = list(SCAN_CATEGORIES) + [SCAN_CASE] Signal: ClassVar[Type[BaseSignal]] Signal = Signal Case: ClassVar[Type[_Case]] Case = _Case #: Number of concurrent actors processing signal events. bus_concurrency: int = 30 #: Number of concurrent actors executing test cases. test_concurrency: int = 100 #: Unset this if you don't want reports to be sent to #: the :attr:`report_topic_name` topic. send_reports: bool = True test_topic_name: str = 'livecheck' bus_topic_name: str = 'livecheck-bus' report_topic_name: str = 'livecheck-report' cases: Dict[str, _Case] _resolved_signals: Dict[Tuple[str, str, Any], SignalEvent]
[docs] @classmethod def for_app(cls, app: AppT, *, prefix: str = 'livecheck-', web_port: int = 9999, test_topic_name: str = None, bus_topic_name: str = None, report_topic_name: str = None, bus_concurrency: int = None, test_concurrency: int = None, send_reports: bool = None, **kwargs: Any) -> 'LiveCheck': """Create LiveCheck application targeting specific app. The target app will be used to configure the LiveCheck app. """ app_id, passed_kwargs = app._default_options livecheck_id = f'{prefix}{app_id}' override = { 'web_port': web_port, 'test_topic_name': test_topic_name, 'bus_topic_name': bus_topic_name, 'report_topic_name': report_topic_name, 'bus_concurrency': bus_concurrency, 'test_concurrency': test_concurrency, 'send_reports': send_reports, **kwargs} options = {**passed_kwargs, **override} livecheck_app = cls(livecheck_id, **options) livecheck_app._contribute_to_app(app) return livecheck_app
def _contribute_to_app(self, app: AppT) -> None: from .patches.aiohttp import LiveCheckMiddleware app.web.web_app.middlewares.append(LiveCheckMiddleware()) app.sensors.add(LiveCheckSensor()) app.livecheck = self def __init__(self, id: str, *, test_topic_name: str = None, bus_topic_name: str = None, report_topic_name: str = None, bus_concurrency: int = None, test_concurrency: int = None, send_reports: bool = None, **kwargs: Any) -> None: super().__init__(id, **kwargs) if test_topic_name is not None: self.test_topic_name = test_topic_name if bus_topic_name is not None: self.bus_topic_name = bus_topic_name if report_topic_name is not None: self.report_topic_name = report_topic_name if bus_concurrency is not None: self.bus_concurrency = bus_concurrency if test_concurrency is not None: self.test_concurrency = test_concurrency if send_reports is not None: self.send_reports = send_reports self.cases = {} self._resolved_signals = {} patches.patch_all() self._apply_monkeypatches() self._connect_signals() @property def current_test(self) -> Optional[TestExecution]: """Return the current test context (if any).""" return current_test() @cached_property def _can_resolve(self) -> asyncio.Event: return asyncio.Event() def _apply_monkeypatches(self) -> None: patches.patch_all() def _connect_signals(self) -> None: AppT.on_produce_message.connect(self.on_produce_attach_test_headers)
[docs] def on_produce_attach_test_headers( self, sender: AppT, key: bytes = None, value: bytes = None, partition: int = None, timestamp: float = None, headers: List[Tuple[str, bytes]] = None, **kwargs: Any) -> None: """Attach test headers to Kafka produce requests.""" test = current_test() if test is not None: if headers is None: raise TypeError('Produce request missing headers list') headers.extend([ (k, want_bytes(v)) for k, v in test.as_headers().items() ])
[docs] def case(self, *, name: str = None, probability: float = None, warn_stalled_after: Seconds = timedelta(minutes=30), active: bool = None, test_expires: Seconds = None, frequency: Seconds = None, max_history: int = None, max_consecutive_failures: int = None, url_timeout_total: float = None, url_timeout_connect: float = None, url_error_retries: float = None, url_error_delay_min: float = None, url_error_delay_backoff: float = None, url_error_delay_max: float = None, base: Type[_Case] = Case) -> Callable[[Type], _Case]: """Decorate class to be used as a test case. Returns: :class:`faust.livecheck.Case`. """ base_case = base def _inner(cls: Type) -> _Case: case_cls = type(cls.__name__, (cls, base_case), { '__module__': cls.__module__, 'app': self, }) signal_types = dict(self._extract_signals(case_cls, base_case)) signals = [] for i, (attr_name, attr_type) in enumerate(signal_types.items()): signal = getattr(case_cls, attr_name, None) if signal is None: signal = attr_type(name=attr_name, index=i + 1) setattr(case_cls, attr_name, signal) signals.append(signal) else: signal.index = i + 1 case = self.add_case(case_cls( app=self, name=self._prepare_case_name(name or qualname(cls)), active=active, probability=probability, warn_stalled_after=warn_stalled_after, signals=signals, test_expires=test_expires, frequency=frequency, max_history=max_history, max_consecutive_failures=max_consecutive_failures, url_timeout_total=url_timeout_total, url_timeout_connect=url_timeout_connect, url_error_retries=url_error_retries, url_error_delay_min=url_error_delay_min, url_error_delay_backoff=url_error_delay_backoff, url_error_delay_max=url_error_delay_max, )) venusian.attach(case, category=SCAN_CASE) return case return _inner
def _extract_signals( self, case_cls: Type[_Case], base_case: Type[_Case]) -> Iterable[Tuple[str, Type[BaseSignal]]]: fields, defaults = annotations( case_cls, stop=base_case, skip_classvar=True, localns={case_cls.__name__: case_cls}, ) for attr_name, attr_type in fields.items(): actual_type = getattr(attr_type, '__origin__', attr_type) if actual_type is None: # Python <3.7 actual_type = attr_type try: if issubclass(actual_type, BaseSignal): yield attr_name, attr_type except TypeError: pass
[docs] def add_case(self, case: _Case) -> _Case: """Add and register new test case.""" self.cases[] = case return case
[docs] async def post_report(self, report: TestReport) -> None: """Publish test report to reporting topic.""" key = None if report.test is not None: key = await self.reports.send(key=key, value=report)
[docs] async def on_start(self) -> None: """Call when LiveCheck application starts.""" await super().on_start() self._install_bus_agent() self._install_test_execution_agent()
[docs] async def on_started(self) -> None: """Call when LiveCheck application is fully started.""" await super().on_started() for case in self.cases.values(): await self.add_runtime_dependency(case)
def _install_bus_agent(self) -> AgentT: return self.agent( channel=self.bus, concurrency=self.bus_concurrency, )(self._populate_signals) def _install_test_execution_agent(self) -> AgentT: return self.agent( channel=self.pending_tests, concurrency=self.test_concurrency, )(self._execute_tests) async def _populate_signals(self, events: StreamT[SignalEvent]) -> None: async for test_id, event in events.items(): event.case_name = self._prepare_case_name(event.case_name) try: case = self.cases[event.case_name] except KeyError: self.log.error('Received signal %r for unregistered case %r', event, (test_id, event.case_name)) else: await case.resolve_signal(test_id, event) async def _execute_tests(self, tests: StreamT[TestExecution]) -> None: async for test_id, test in tests.items(): test.case_name = self._prepare_case_name(test.case_name) try: case = self.cases[test.case_name] except KeyError: self.log.error('Unregistered test case %r with id %r: %r', test.case_name, test_id, test) else: try: await case.execute(test) except LiveCheckError: pass def _prepare_case_name(self, name: str) -> str: if name.startswith('__main__.'): if not self.conf.origin: raise RuntimeError('LiveCheck app missing origin argument') return self.conf.origin + name[8:] return name
[docs] @cached_property def bus(self) -> TopicT: """Topic used for signal communication.""" return self.topic( self.bus_topic_name, key_type=str, value_type=SignalEvent, )
[docs] @cached_property def pending_tests(self) -> TopicT: """Topic used to keep pending test executions.""" return self.topic( self.test_topic_name, key_type=str, value_type=TestExecution, )
[docs] @cached_property def reports(self) -> TopicT: """Topic used to log test reports.""" return self.topic( self.report_topic_name, key_type=str, value_type=TestReport, )