Source code for faust.joins

"""Join strategies."""
from typing import Any, Optional, Tuple
from .types import EventT, FieldDescriptorT, JoinT, JoinableT

__all__ = [

[docs]class Join(JoinT): """Base class for join strategies.""" def __init__(self, *, stream: JoinableT, fields: Tuple[FieldDescriptorT, ...]) -> None: self.fields = {field.model: field for field in fields} = stream
[docs] async def process(self, event: EventT) -> Optional[EventT]: """Process event to be joined with another event.""" raise NotImplementedError()
def __eq__(self, other: Any) -> bool: if isinstance(other, type(self)): return (other.fields == self.fields and is return False def __ne__(self, other: Any) -> bool: return not self.__eq__(other)
[docs]class RightJoin(Join): """Right-join strategy."""
[docs]class LeftJoin(Join): """Left-join strategy."""
[docs]class InnerJoin(Join): """Inner-join strategy."""
[docs]class OuterJoin(Join): """Outer-join strategy."""